Napanet Internet Services

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Napa, Ca 94559
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About Us

NapaNet started in the Spring of 1994 by members of the Napa Valley Unified School District's (NVUSD) K-12 Technology Team. Recognizing the educational value of the Internet to their students, the teacher members of this team sent representatives to the Napa County Business Education Partnership (BEP), seeking its support to help hook up schools to the Internet. The BEP agreed wholeheartedly to support the schools with the project. One of its key members, the Napa County Office of Education, worked closely with NVUSD to bring together a group of educators, businesspeople and other volunteers, who began to plan a county-wide community computer network with full connection to the Internet - the much-discussed "information superhighway".

Originally known as the Napa County Internet Task Force, the group later incorporated as NapaNet, Inc., a California non-profit corporation. After nearly a year of planning and development, NapaNet, Inc. formed a unique partnership with a new local business--Napa Internet Services, Inc. (NIS), which provided the necessary hardware, technical and financial resources to getup and running." In November of 1995, NapaNet through its partnership with NIS, Inc., began providing free service to local schools and competitive rate services to local residents and businesses.

Our mission is to provide "big city" Internet services to the community. NapaNet provides a kind, local approach in a rapidly growing technological world.